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Witness: Bob S.
Location: Grapevine, Texas
Date of Encounter: January 9, 2005

My grandmother died and was buried in Ohio. We barely made it to the funeral. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to my family about our encounter.

Greetings Kin,

Buckle your seat belts and get ready to take a trip to the twilight zone.

I was very intrigued with the premise for the movie White Noise and started checking out a bunch of Web sites concerning EVP (you can do your own research) and scanned a couple of articles that talked about phone calls from the deceased (again, you can do your own research). One stated that these calls sometimes start off with a series of hang up calls or no one is on the line when the phone is answered. I kind of just blew it off because I was more interested in the EVP and maybe taking the kids out for a ghost hunting adventure.

This past weekend, Debbie and I fielded about 5 "no-one's there" calls. On the last call I was a little upset that we were getting these calls in the first place and second, I remembered the article about the calls. I decided to call the number back. Looking it up on caller ID, I dialed the number – 817-XXX-XXX. Stunned and a little spooked at first when I got the recording that the number I had reached had been "disconnected and was no longer in service." Then I went to Yahoo and checked the number through the reverse directory to maybe find out who previously had the number since it usually takes a while to clear a listing. Yahoo said the number had no listing.

Well, maybe it's a coincidence. And maybe it's not. Maybe grandma was trying to call me since I was the one that usually wasn't there and she just wanted to make sure I got the message. Until someone finally answers, I'll guess we'll never know. However, if I ever hear a voice say "Well hi, Bobby" — I'll tell grandma you said hello. 

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