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The Enigma Sanctuary has exclusive access to the theatre to carry out investigations and embrace the physical power of spirit through workshops and physical mediumship. The event takes place from 1:30 PM July 28th through 3:00 PM July 29th.

Spend a weekend with Psychic Medium Nicky Alan and the rest of the Enigma Team investigating The Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 9NR. The theatre is an extremely active location with many reported paranormal sightings and happenings.

Throughout the evening we will be experimenting with Table Tipping, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), automatic writing, pendulum interaction, physical mediumship including trance (dependant on environment), holding a Séance and carrying out all other physical methods of communication with the spirit world.

With full access to every part of the haunted theatre, you will have the chance to witness paranormal phenomena at its best and will be able to sleep in the part of the building that you choose, the most haunted locations or for the light hearted the less haunted locations.

Price :£145.00 Book & Pay £45 deposit now, remaining balance to be paid two weeks prior to event.

Regular investigations will be carried out in the future, please see paranormal investigations page on website.

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