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Now closing on its second year, Haunted Voices Radio Network has incorporated new programming for the paranormal community and general public. These new programs are designed to both educate as well as entertain the community with their content. Below you will find a schedule of the new programs as well as a brief description. The new programming will run LIVE 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the community to benefit from. The newest edition is the popular requested live music programs that will allow the audience to call in the requests and they can be heard on the air during schedule airing times. A toll free number has also been added to avoid all toll costs due to recent financial sponsorship from Canada’s Most Haunted and Nocturas Halloween Haunted Attractions. Haunted Voices Radio is now broadcast using 8 separate streams at very high quality for broadband listeners and a lower speed for dial-up users. Due to recent changes in live Internet broadcasting, Haunted Voices Radio pays heavy fees to become legal in the broadcasting community and all programming is registered through both LoudCity and Spacial Audio. Please find the programs below and be sure to tune in and listen for yourself as this is the community’s network and forever will be.

Program Schedule

Mondays Out of the Vault – A program that plays the best of the week’s archives and listener requested archives (Duration 24 hours)

Tuesdays Tuesday after Twilight – Join Host Chad Austin as he takes you on a journey into the unknown. Topics include: Ghosts, UFO’s, Crypto- zoology, and much more. (Live Show Airs From 9pm to 11pm EST)

Wednesday – The Paranormal Zone – Join Host Mark Turner live from Scotland as he talks about Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Ghosts, and some of the most mysterious places in Scotland! (Live Show Airs from 3pm – 4pm CST)

Thursdays Psytalk – Join your hosts Starr & Jessie and let this Mother and Daughter research team tell you about their investigations as well as discuss various paranormal topics. (Live Show Airs from 9pm to 11pm EST).

Fridays Haunted Voices Radio – Join your host Todd Bates as he interviews some very educated and intriguing guests for your educational needs and enjoyment. As Owner of the Haunted Voices Radio Network, Todd’s goal is to maintain education and entertainment for all who listen! (Live show airs from 8pm CST to 10pm CST)

Saturday The After Hours Asylum – Join your host Todd Bates as he helps you wind down from either a week of investigations or just life itself. This show is focused on light paranormal talk, comedy, and live music requests. (Live show Airs from 10pm CST to 12am CST).

Sunday’s Music Cuts For the Nuts! – Join your Host Todd Bates as he takes you on a ride from horror to horrible! This show will focus on ALL types of music and music requests. No request will be denied and it will be an experience you won’t forget anytime soon. (Live show airs from 8pm CST to 10pm CST)

All scheduled shows will run archives after the prescheduled live times. There will always be something to either education or entertain you 24/7. For more information and guest appearances, please visit or call toll free number 877.216.2987.

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