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Home Encounters The Demonic Attachment

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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Elkville, Illinois
Date of Encounter: January 17, 2015

I’ve had many paranormal encounters throughout my life but recently it’s taken more of a toll on me. Within in the past several months I feel that something has attached itself to me. I’ll start at the beginning.

In November of last year I spent the night with a friend who claim that something had attached itself to them. During the night I witnessed unexplained shadows moving through the room, heard unexplained noises, and the had the feeling of being watched. After that several nights a week (sometimes more than that) after 9 PM I feel like I am being watched and I have had unexplained cold chills through my entire body for close to a minute at a time. The next time I visited my friend I saw unexplained figures moving in a mirror, heard unexplained knocking sounds in threes, and experienced unexplained movement on the bed, and after 3 AM I felt a stabbing pain in my lower back that sent icy cold chills through my body (which left a bruise). After that things have gotten worse at home.

I feel like I am being watched constantly. I have seen this black gargoyle-type creature sitting within a few feet from my bed, black figures walking through my room, objects moving by themselves, scratching noises in threes, waking up with what feels like hands around my throat, and even waking up not being able to move any part of my body but my eyes and feeling like something is sitting on my chest. The last time I visited my friend was about a month ago. During that visit the closet doors opened by themselves three times during the night. I saw an unexplained face in a mirror, I felt like someone punched me in my back, and I felt like this thing wanted me to go to the closet for some reason. After returning home almost every night in between 9 PM and 4 AM I feel like something’s following and watching me, increased cold chills that last over a minute, my room has a very negative energy in it (sometimes it becomes overwhelming with thoughts of worthlessness and suicide), my dogs won’t go into my room after dark anymore, unexplained pulling on necklaces, unexplained footsteps on my bed when I’m alone, waking up with the feeling that something is choking me, and very vivid dreams about demons and a woman with black eyes. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t mentioned this to anyone else in the house, only my friend. Thanks for your time.

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  1. i said a prayer for this anonymous witness asking that the demons, bad spirits, or whomever were bothering the witness to leave him/her and friends alone.

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