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Decade after decade, a question that has plagued many of us: exactly what happens to our spirit after we die? Religion has stated we go to a place called Heaven… that’s what the Bible says. That is where God takes care of you.

Some would say we go to Cloud 9, that is where your paradise is; or we return back to the Garden of Eden; or there are 11 virgins waiting for you in some religions. If you have done bad things in your life, then you go straight to Hell, or the Grim Reaper comes for you. I am confused… which story is the one to believe?

For the last five short years I have been blessed to have had a friendship with a very well known psychic medium Peter James. Peter’s theory was this: Heaven is a man-made name, a Biblical term. Heaven is of our own creation. And the same goes for Hell — it is our own creation. Our spirit really doesn’t go far from earth. There is no such thing as earthbound spirits. If we are already called Earthlings, doesn’t it make sense we don’t stray far from where we die?

If there was a spirit I could trust to tell me the truth about what we really do experience after the death of our body, I would trust Peter James. After all, he is my trusted friend.

We assume right away that because of our study of the after life, we trust this person will come back in spirit and tell us all the truth. If we were to know the truth, I believe one of the spirits would speak up. I admit to also asking many spirits if they can tell me what it’s like on the other side. Have they seen God yet? It’s not a good sign when they look at you dumbfounded as if they have no clue what you’re talking about. And so I did promise myself that if the world’s leading psychic ghost hunter wanted to tell me all about it, I would wait until I am approached.

On the second hand, what if you only experience what your beliefs are and your truths are just that — your own truth. Maybe there are 11 virgins waiting for those who believe in them. Our spirits could return back to the Garden of Eden. Cloud 9 must be the paradise we float around on for the rest of eternity.

Let’s say just for a moment that whatever your beliefs are, whatever you dream it would be, is exactly what you would experience. What would the argument now be? What would religion do now?

I would pay a million dollars to see the look on someone’s face who claims they know the truth, and when they arrived to this so-called afterlife neighborhood, no longer are we different from one another. We are now back to what we were in the beginning “Energy.”

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