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Flow of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa by Krishna DasFlow of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa
By Krishna Das
Publisher: Sounds True (September 2007)
Pages: 71 plus 2 CDs Price: $21.95 review

Sometimes referred to as the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman is a figure in Hindu paranormal studies, Hindu religion, Hindu myth, and in Hindu magick. Hanuman is one of the major figures of magick to some, and his existence as a central Indian god-figure is well-documented.

What makes this unique work by Krishna Das so unusual, and enjoyable, is that it concentrates on the various aspects of Hanuman from and who he is through the Hanuman Chalisa, a special chant in his honor. Flow of Grace discusses why the chant is important and how to do it. There are two CDs with this well-illustrated book, each dealing with the chant and correct pronunciation of words. Total running time is 103 minutes. Any person who studies Hinduism seriously will agree that it is at times impossible to separate its magickal overtones from its spiritual overtones. Most readers simply apply what they know to what is given to them.

Chanting this text is like chanting a text infused with magick. But it is within reach of every person who comes into contact with it.

For something unusual, and educational, this is certainly a fine book with CDs to have in the home library. Further, as a look into what and who Hanuman is, this is one of the best books available to readers.

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