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Witness: Rhianna
Location: South Australia
Date of Encounter: 2002

When my mum, brother, and I first moved into our new house, I had a feeling something wasn't right. I was 12 years old at the time.

Lying in my bed one night with my headphones on, I began feeling terribly cold, which was odd considering it was in the middle of summer. My light was turned off when all of a sudden it felt as if someone was sitting on the edge of my bed. I was too frightened to look, so I continued to lay there completely frozen.

Now, my mum has coffee cups on display hanging from hooks on our cupboard in the kitchen. I remember my mum having a visitor over — we were all sitting at the kitchen table having a conversation when my mum was looking at the cupboard with a weird expression on her face. Suddenly I looked to see all five cups swinging rather slow but all in time together. There was no explanation, considering the window wasn't open. As we continued to watch, the cups swung faster with time — so fast that we were waiting for some to swing off. That continued for at least an hour.

Another thing that has happened is I would be laying in bed late at night and would hear people talking in our kitchen. It has never been clear enough for me to make out what they are saying, but I'll get out of bed thinking my mum is awake only to walk out and find complete darkness. Shaken, I'll lay back in bed and the mumbles will start again.

Now for the scariest part of all… late one night my brother and I were in the lounge-room watching some movies. It was getting rather late so we decided just to sleep in there for the night. He brought out the spare mattress and it was right near the lounge, which I was sleeping on. Before long, I fell asleep, only to be woken by someone tugging at my blanket. Still half asleep, I didn't bother to look but asked my brother to stop (thinking it was him playing a practical joke). The tugging of the blanket got harder as I got more angry. Finally I looked down ready to snap at my brother only to come face-to-face with an old man. But not just any man… it almost looked as if he had a gray-type mist around him, and his eyes I'll never forget were as wide as anything — as if they were saying "help me." I screamed my lungs out. My brother came rushing in and turned on the light. I was unable to speak, frozen with fear.

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