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Witness: Meg
Location: Enchanted Forrest, Pasadena, California
Date of Encounter: September 12, 2003

I had been hearing so many stories about this place called the Enchanted Forest in Pasadena or around that area. Most of my friends had been there, some saying they saw people with chains around them or headless apparitions floating around and others said they hadn't seen anything. I also heard stories about hot spots in the forest where you would feel like you were burning. 
So one night, after going out to a birthday dinner with 5 of my female friends (Joy, Jhaene, Andrea, Monica and Jae), I started telling them about the forest. We got to Joy's house and I was trying to figure out where this place was when her brother overheard us talking about the forest and said he had been there and saw a headless lady. He gave us the directions to the place and we soon headed off around 11 PM.

When we got to the forest, there was nobody there except 3 other people and the place was extremely dark, the only light was coming from the moon. We were all very hesitant about going in because of all the stories we heard, so we decided to hold hands while going in and we promised each other not to let go no matter what. So we headed into the forest and I honestly do not know why, but I started laughing out of nowhere, I couldn't control it at all, and everybody started getting angry at me and asking why on earth I was laughing. So we continued to walk and I was trying to control my laughter when Jae all of the sudden let go of Andrea's hand and stopped walking. She said she saw something dwarf-like cross the path and we figured it was probably just an animal, but then we all got quiet and saw what looked like 2 red orbs in front of us. Joy let go of Jhaene's hand and was the first to start running. We all then started running and I tell ya, I had never ran that fast in my life! While we were running there was definitely something chasing after us because we could hear it loud and clear and also felt it getting closer. I turned back to see how close it was getting, but when I looked there was nothing there, but at the same time I could hear and feel it there. I turned back around and as we were running, Joy who was ahead of us tripped, fell, and rolled on the ground. But she didn't trip on something, something had tripped her and we all saw it — it was as if someone put out their foot and tripped her but the only thing was there was nothing there! Jhaene helped her up, and we continued out the forest. I then heard a terrifying womanly scream that sounded like it was coming from deep into the forest. Only Andrea and I had heard that scream. We past the 3 people we saw when we first arrived and it looked like their flashlight was turning on and off and they were just looking at it in shock. We hurried back into the car and headed back to Joy's house. We were quiet for awhile then Joy started telling us that she swears something tripped her and we said we knew because we saw her trip and it looked like something had tripped her. 

I'm not sure what on earth went on but I am sure of one thing… something was definitely chasing us. The only question is what?

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