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Witness: Michelle
Location: Ellicott City, Maryland
Date of Encounter: November 2001

I was 15 when a strange event took place. I lived in a neighborhood named Turf Valley, in a part where the houses were new and right on a golf course. My dad had our house custom-built in 1999. Two years afterwards, however, was my first supernatural encounter in my new house.

My room was across from my parents in the front of the house, with a bathroom connected to it with a sliding door. Around 10:00 PM I headed to bed, closing both the bathroom door and the bedroom door. For some reason I had a weird feeling about open doors. As it was a cold night, maybe in the low 50's, I put on some cotton pj's and snuggled into bed.

I'm an extremely heavy sleeper, and it takes a lot to wake me up. That night, however, I woke up from my deep sleep, around 3:00 AM because I was too hot. I got up and walked over to my light switch to turn on my fan. When I went to turn it on, my finger got shocked. It hurt really bad… so I just used another finger, thinking it was no big deal. But after all 10 of my fingers got shocked, I decided to get back into bed. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it. The sliding door to my bathroom was open. I know I had closed it… there's no way I could have missed it. I got up to close the door, but when I looked in, there was a man laying in my bathtub. His eyes were closed, and he had salt-and-pepper hair. I stood there… just looking… not sure what to do. That's when his eyes opened and he looked up at me. I was so scared… I shut the door hard and ran back to my bed. Although I was under my covers, I knew I wasn't alone.

I pulled the covers back and looked towards the door, watching it open yet again. Then, a woman in a red dress appeared to me. For some reason she was angry, with cuts on her wrist and a long gash around her neck. She had blonde hair and piercing brown eyes. She stared at me as I stared at her, then she started to scream at me. I was frightened, and just snuggled up in my bed, unsure of what to do. She started walking towards me, but when she got to the edge of my bed, she disappeared. I haven't run into her since, but every once in a while, when I look up, I can see wisps of blonde hair following her as she roams.

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