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Witness: Moriah
Location: Banks, Oregon
Date of Encounter: Summer 2003

Last summer I was house-sitting for a friend out in Banks, Oregon. Her house was 5 hard miles off the main road and had a cemetery on one side, and farm land on the other three. There was also a barn in the back with pastures. I brought my mustang who had lived outside most of her life and, I thought, was scared of nothing. This house was the first house in Banks and was first a post office, then a school, and finally a house. Each aspect of its history is very apparent as well as which parts were added on as its use changed. 

The first night I stayed, I started feeling uneasy as soon as it started getting dark. I decided to go to bed early figuring if I was asleep, I couldn't very well be nervous. I went up to the bedroom, crawled in bed, and tried to fall asleep. I immediately started hearing footsteps up and down the wooden stairs and I could hear the furniture in the kitchen move. I could not fall asleep so I yelled, "Knock it off I'm tired!" I heard a large bang and then it was quiet for the rest of the night. 

I decided for the rest of the week I would have friends stay with me. My boyfriend stayed with me first, he didn't believe in ghosts, so every time we heard something he would say, "Its the cat." When I showed him that the cat was sleeping on the bed with us and was too small to make all that noise anyways, he just told me to go to sleep.

I also had a friend who said he could talk to ghosts come. He wanted to see the cemetery but half-way there we started hearing the trees moving and he swore he saw someone in the trees and we had to go back. He then attempted to sleep in the old teacher's room. It was connected to the old post office and had its own bathroom. He went and closed and locked the door to the post office and then went into the bathroom to get ready to go to bed. When he came back out, the door to the post office was open and had a book sitting on the floor acting as a door stop. He grabbed the sheets and ended up sleeping on the floor of my room. 
Other weird things happened while I was there. My horse would start screaming during the night and when I would go out to check on her she would be frantic and refuse to walk to the side of the pasture closest to the cemetery. There was a cement slab in the one pasture that was very odd. The owner of the house told me that she was told there was a building there but had seen tons of pictures of this house throughout the years and there has never been a building shown. (This is just extra creepy because I was staying there when the bodies of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis were found.)

Also, I had a friend that house sat for her and ended up leaving with her boyfriend and his best friend when they couldn't get the light in the closet to stay off.

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