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The Case For Ghosts: An Objective Look At The Paranormal by J. Allan DanelekThe Case For Ghosts: An Objective Look At The Paranormal
By J. Allan Danelek
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (July 2006)
Pages: 220 – Price: $12.95 review

J. Allan Danelek is a writer who researches carefully, and it is evident in this book. He gives good insights into his findings, and he educates as he entertains with his eclectic approach to the paranormal. Some of the numerous questions raised and answered include: What are ghosts? How do ghosts interact with time and space? Can anyone become a ghost?

Danelek gives a wide-ranging, in-depth approach to the subject of whether or not ghosts actually exist, and he uses the perspectives of psychology, history, logic, and science to bring the information to the reader. Among the many topics explored and shared with the reader are interactive and non-interactive spirits, poltergeists, animal spirits, celestial beings and spirit guides, demons, malevolent entities, ghostly parasites, orbs, vortexes, full-body manifestations, hallucinations, waking dreams, telepathy, time aberrations, hauntings, ghost-hunting equipment, spirit photography, Ouija boards, electronic voice phenomena (EVP), and forms of spirit communication.

There are many well-written chapters in the book. The following are chapters the reviewer found exceptional from a learning perspective: “The Case for Immortality,” “Malevolent Entities and Ghostly Parasites,” “Communicating with the Dead,” and “Spirit Guides.”

Danelek gives solid information on the effect and affect of time aberrations. This subject has become increasingly popular since the year 2000, and his writing on the topic is excellent. For those new to time aberrations, this is a perfect introduction to this controversial topic. Also, his commentary on orbs is insightful.

A professional artist and writer, J. Allan Danelek lives in Lakewood, Colorado with his wife and two sons. A well-known lecturer, he also the author of the popular Mystery of Reincarnation.

The Case For Ghosts is enjoyable reading and well worth your time. Pick up a copy today and start an unforgettable reading journey. You will be amazed at what you will find along the way! Excellent book.

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