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Witness: Kenny I.
Location: Yuba City, California
Date of Encounter: 1978

I was about sixteen-years-old when this happened and I remember it like it was yesterday. One evening I was lying on the sofabed watching TV. It was around 11pm-12am, when I heard the backdoor to the house started shaking violently. I sat up on the bed, leaned over, looked through the kitchen (there was an unobstructed view to the door) to see if someone was trying to break in. Then the cupboard doors started to open and slam shut. Then the foot of the bed started to fly up and down. I said out loud, "In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave." Everything stopped. I ran to tell my parents what had just happened. They just got mad and said that I was just imagining things and to go to sleep.

Of course I tried to convince them otherwise, but to no avail. At about 7am I felt as if someone was watching me. I opened my eyes to see a brown hooded figure at the foot of the bed. We have all seen drawings of Death, well this is what it looked like, but without the sickle. It was a brown hooded figure, not black with a black void where a face should be and no discernible hands. I looked at it for a few seconds while it stood there looking at me. Then I reached over to the end table where my Bible was. I grabbed it, picked it up and that is when this figure "glided away" toward the backdoor where everything had started the night before.

I related my story to only a very few friends; some believed me and some did not. After this incident I was having what I believe were frequent visits. I would be lying in bed when I could feel like was footsteps walking up onto the bed (I could actually feel the mattress being pushed down). I wasn't scared, but I felt like I was being seized where I was paralyzed and couldn't move. The I would feel like a great amount of weight was on my chest, like something was sitting on me. I would try and fight this feeling and then it would leave. I don't know how often this would happen but this went on until about 1995 when this quit happening to me. I haven't had an "attack" since and it is now 2010. Has this happened to anyone else?

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