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Witness: Nikki Johnson
Location: Outside Helena, Montana
Date of Encounter: 1989

To start my story off I must first tell you that I was about ten years old when this happened, and both of my parents were witness to this mysterious event. I've spent the past twenty years trying to figure out how to define what happened to us that night.

In Montana it's quite common to mark fatalities on the highway with tiny crosses that remain there for many years after the accident. This particular night my parents and I were driving from Bozeman to Helena while I was looking out the window for 6 crosses (an unusually large number). I didn't know exactly where they were, but suddenly I got this feeling that something "bad" was going to happen. I told my parents this and their reply was what you would typically tell a ten year old, "don't worry… everything is fine."

About five minutes later I had the same feeling and I told them again, to which I got the same reply. A very short time later, as I was still looking out for the 6 crosses, a man stepped out onto the side of the road and put his entire arm across our windshield. The strangest thing is that we all heard it very clearly (which has puzzled me for years). I assumed it was a spirit but obviously it had mass. My father immediately stopped the car and got out to see if he was alright, but found nothing whatsoever. Had this been a living person there would have been blood or something (we were traveling eighty miles an hour). Anyway, we drove into Helena and called the police (surprisingly, they also found nothing). I have spent twenty years trying to find a logical reason, supernatural or not, and have a number of theories. If anyone else would like to share theirs I would gratefully appreciate it.

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