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Witness: Laura
Location: Ashland, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: January 16, 2010

About one week ago my daughter called me from work asking me if I would take in a dog that had been hit by a car and that they just thought both its back legs were broke. I said yes, and while her friend was bringing her to me, I was getting a cage with bedding, blankets, papers, food, and water ready for her arrival. The friend got to my home and we walked out to get her as it took two of us to carry the dog. We got her in my home and I saw that she was hurt worse than they had thought, so I had put my dogs in another room and we put her here in the living room in the toddler bed so I could stay with her. The friend left and I called my girlfriend to come over because I had no money to take the dog to the vet and thought she may help. By the time the dog got to my house I covered her in blankets and tried putting water in her mouth with my fingers and moistening her lips and tongue. Her gums and tongue were pale, like she was in shock. She started having trouble breathing, so I rolled her over. Nothing changed and only got worse in a few minutes. By the time my girlfriend had gotten there I had already once thought that the dog had died. She stopped breathing then suddenly she took a breath and my girlfriend came in and the dog was having a really hard time — only breathing periodically.

Within five minutes of my girlfriend getting here the dog died. I made sure for about ten minutes, and then covered her head with the blankets I had tried to warm her with. My girlfriend and I then sat I bawled my eyes out and she tried comforting me. Then I got myself together and started trying to figure out what to do with the poor dog's remains. I kept checking her to assure she was gone and closed her mouth. I got a shower curtain and a stuffed toy to put under her chin to lay with her to rest in peace. Then I took my family blanket we used to watch TV and throw over us to wrap the little girl in love. Then I found an old cargo net out of my old SUV to tie it shut as I didn't know as of yet where to put her as the ground was frozen so I couldn't even bury her. About 30 minutes later my girlfriend and I decided to put the little one all tied up and warm, in my girlfriend's garage until we could bury her. Wwe drove to her house and I carried her in, and placed her on an old lounge napping couch.

Me and my girlfriend had been broken up over this and stayed that way until the day of the encounter. Now this dog was a black lab with white down the center of its chest and a faded red nylon collar. Okay, then the 16th rolled around and I was just bothered and wanted to see my girlfriend. So I text her asking if she wanted to come by that evening and hang out. She said yes. So she came over straight from work that evening and we had a few beers and were driving around. While driving around she told me that she had gotten someone to bury the dog a couple of days prior about 30 minutes away. We got a little over halfway between her house and mine and we passed a dog on the road coming toward us in the other lane of a two-lane road. I slowed down and gasped for air and said, "Oh my God, did you see that? She asked, "What are you talking about?" I said, "No, I'm not saying a word. I'm turning around and see what you think. She replied, "I think I know what you are going to say.

So I found a place to turn around and we drove back to see this dog. We found it on the other lane of the road walking up another road that went up the hill. I said, "No, Kathy. Wait, just look." So I drove up beside the dog and it stopped and stared at us without making a move or sound. I rolled down my window and said, "Hey there, baby." Still no wag of a tail or nothing. It looked just like that dog and yeah, it had the very same collar. Kathy was like, "Get the hell outta here. GO!

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