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The Book of Abramelin by Abraham von WormsThe Book of Abramelin
By Abraham von Worms
Publisher: Ibis Publishing (September 2006)
Pages: 268 – Price: $45.00 review

This 15th-century text of Jewish magick is for the brave of heart. It contains spells and incantations. These approaches are for those who understand what magick is, what magick does, and the effect and affect it has upon the individual using these intricate approaches.

As a working text, this translation is a new milestone in transmission of magickal wisdom. It should serve as an important cornerstone to any contemporary magickian seeking to access his or her Holy Guardian Angel and knowledge of the occult. This is the first complete and modern translation of the book since S. L. MacGregor Mather’s original translation for the Order of the Golden Dawn over one hundred years ago. In addition, this work goes beyond Mather’s translation in making overlooked information available in a updated language. It contains important work left out of the Mather translation.

What the reader will find in this remarkable text is complete and direct communication via magickal “recipes” with the Holy Guardian Angel, and the rituals making the access workable, and possible. Abraham von Worms was the well-known Jewish scholar, Rabbi Jacob ben Moses ha Levi Moellin, known as MaHaRIL.

This book is for the serious. The work covers not only the incantations and spells, but gives the correct words to be applied in each working of magick. In fact, Book Two covers such material as diseases, antagonisms and war, friendship, marriage, and love affairs, birthing, against water, fire, tempest, ghosts, the devil, and other topics. 

Details are given in the book for contacting spirits and requesting services from them. Chapter 19 shares the name of Spirits you can call. The reader will come across such names as Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, Belial, Astaroth, Asmodi, Orines, Ariton, Magoth, Beelzebub, Paymon, Amaymon, Iuar, Nabhi, Helel, Sobhe, Mebaschel, Igigi, Disolel, Ama, Kalotes, Ychigas, Agahaly, among many, many others. 

Be sure what you wish for is what you want. Be sure what you ask for is truly what you want delivered to you, or others. This translation explains the how-to of things!

A remarkable book, it will fascinate readers. Reading this fine translation will reveal to the readers that true magick is not child’s play and should be highly thought out before being put into practice, and service.

Highly recommended reading. This book is for those who know the power of magick, and its demands of the person who utilizes that power of magick. This is a clearly written book that opens the door to the world of magick, its use, rewards, demands, and results. Not for the weak of heart, or for the foolish. 

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