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Witness: Meaghan Dill
Location: Morehead, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: October 13, 2006

My friend and I are students at Morehead State University, and we reside in Butler Hall. We're aware that three people have died there, and continually haunt the building. However, my friend did not believe it at all, even though we'd been having strange encounters.

Well, she and I were having a rare night in. While I was in my second floor room putting on pajamas and the like, she was in her fourth floor room, listening to a CD on her computer. By the time I came back up, she was in the study room, talking on the phone. When she came back, she told me that she'd just found out that someone had died in the study room. She then got back on the computer and began to play the CD. It sounded terrible…as if it were skipping very fast, yet we could hear every word…it also sounded like it was in a tin can. She took the CD out and washed it, then put it back in, but it continued. Then she tried playing the music already on her computer and it did the same thing! So it wasn't the CD! We started freaking out and I started yelling, "Stop! Stop! Go away!" to the ghost. Then I grabbed a Bible that was lying under my friend's bed and yelled, "I'm gonna read from it!" And started flipping through it. Then the music stopped on its own. My friend tried again and it had gone back to normal. 

Needless to say, she's a believer now.

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