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Witness: Lefty
Location: Great Barrington, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: Spring 1978

Although this encounter happened to me when I was 13 or 14 years old (I am 45 now) I've never forgotten it, and being older and wiser have not been able to explain it away. I was watching my nephew who was two-years-old, it was the afternoon, the last thing I was thinking of was paranormal anything. I was talking to my nephew when I heard footsteps upstairs walking along the wood floor. It didn't even scare me at first, we were alone, however I somehow thought it was my brother-in-law as it sounded like him and the shoes he always wears. Of course I knew he wasn't at home, so I started up the stairs and it hit me, no one came in, so who could possibly be up there? And did I want to see what was up there?!

I went back down, grabbed my nephew, and then this really loud pounding was happening all through the house. Even my nephew was looking around for the noise source. I put my hand on the wall and could feel the vibration shaking everything. It lasted for a few minutes. Terrified, I was going to go out on the porch with my nephew and wait for my sister and brother-in-law to return.

It started pouring rain so we were stuck inside. I turned the TV up really loud and luckily they came home shortly after. They dismissed my story. Although my other sister who babysat for them said she heard noises off and on. After that, on occasion they had lights and TVs go on and off. The phone rang and no one was there. The house is very old, it once was used as a two-family dwelling. There was a fire there and a man tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide. And my brother-in-law's Aunt died peacefully there. It's been in his family a long time. So I don't know. I don't like to be upstairs very long by myself. However I am comfortable downstairs — they still live there.

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