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Witness: Arie
Location: Govan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Date of Encounter: Around 2002

I was around eight, and I can remember this so clearly as though it were yesterday. Me and my five-year-old little sister were staying over at my grandma and grandpa's house in the attic room. She was going to be sleeping across from me, in a crib, and I had a single bed. We watched television with the grandparents for a while then we decided to head to sleep. On the way up the stairs I got this huge whiff of the smell of roses. I turned around to ask my sister about this as she exclaimed, "I smell good stuff!"

I ran back down the stairs and told grandma I smelled roses, she said, "Well that's odd," and I headed back upstairs, forgetting it.

I went to sleep but awoke in the middle of night — it was pitch black. So I kept my eyes closed, but clearly playing softly, I could hear opera music. It confused me, so I opened my eyes and fastened my line of sight to my sister's crib. There was a black figure standing over her. I was stiff as a bored, I couldn't move. I was terrified, the first thing that popped into my head, being little, was: "Oh my God, it's the Grim Reaper and it's going to kill my sister!" So I shot my hand at the bedside lamp and it turned on. The figure had disappeared. I slept with the light on the rest of the night.

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