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The Writers Room of Bucks County 1st Annual Horror Writing Contest is open to writers of all kinds and levels of experience. All entries must be original and previously unpublished. (See below for complete rules)

Prizes include:

  • A book pitch to a New York literary agent!
  • A tour of haunted houses and castles in Ireland! 
  • Signed first editions of novels by some of the top horror writers in the country! 
  • And much more. (See below for details!)

Entries will be judged anonymously by professional authors, and judging will be based on the writer’s skill and creativity. Grammar, spelling, and clarity count. 

For additional information and a hardcopy of the Official Contest Rules, send a self-addressed and stamped #10 envelope to: 

The Writers Room of Bucks County 
Horror Writing Contest
4 W. Oakland Avenue
Doylestown PA 18901

Submission guidelines are as follows, and can also be found on our website, Please contact the Writers Room staff with questions at 215-348-1663, or send an email question to

Submissions must be unpublished works of fiction and nonfiction.


  • Horror Short Story (maximum 5000 words) 
  • Horror Novel (a synopsis of 3-5 pages and one sample (first or best) chapter) 
  • Horror Poetry (up to three short 1-2 page poems or one long poem of no more than 10 pages) 
  • Nonfiction (article or essay on any aspect of Horror (folklore, literature, film, psychology, pop-culture, etc.) 
  • Script (submit 1-2 page synopsis and any ten consecutive pages. Do NOT send the complete script. Script may be for feature film TV movie, or TV episode). 
  • Science Fiction Short Story (maximum 5000 words) 
  • Fantasy Short Story (maximum 5000 words) 
  • Short-Short Story (horror, SF or fantasy to 1000 words in length) 


GRAND PRIZE #1: A tour of Haunted Castles in Ireland. (Airfare and lodgings included) 

Ireland – enchanted isle of mist and mysteries. Where better to explore the ancient pagan rites of the druids, to visit altars where awful and unspeakable practices were performed in past eras, and to see the many abbeys, castles and country houses haunted by uneasy spirits of the past. Search out little country graveyards where those long buried rise up on Halloween. Hear tales of the paranormal from those who have experience of the inexplicable. Meet some of Europe’s friendliest people and enjoy the beautiful and unspoiled countryside. Bask in the comfort of charming old inns, sample delightful food, and listen to seanachies tell tall tales of headless horses and phantom carriages, of pookas and fairies, of witches and enchantment.

This five to seven day tour includes visits to haunted castles and houses as you travel across the Irish countryside from Shannon to Dublin. A great opportunity to see the Enchanted Isle and learn about its ghostly and haunted traditions. Includes hotel, some meals, all admission fees and professional guide!

GRAND PRIZE #2: A pitch to a New York Literary Agent. 

The winning writer will get to pitch a book directly to a top literary agent in New York who has sold a number of horror books to major publishers. 

Additional Prizes include:

  • Signed First Edition books by some of today’s top Horror, SF, and Fantasy Authors, including: Peter Straub, Ramsay Campbell, Steve Alten, Katherine Ramsland, Gregory Frost…and many others. 
  • Electronics (Ipods, Discman, etc.) 
  • DVDS (The best in classic Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy) 
  • Framed Artwork 
  • And Much More!


  • Judges for the contest are all professional writers in the fields of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. 
  • Judges will NOT know the names of the submitted entries and will be judging strictly on the merit and quality of the writing. 


  • Entries must be post-dated by September 1, 2005 
  • You may submit one entry for each category. 
  • A $35 entry fee must accompany first entry. Each additional entry is $20. Please do not send cash. Checks or money orders only, made payable to The Writers Room 
  • Each entry must be properly formatted: Typed, Double spaced, Stapled, Numbered pages, Printed on only one side of the page.
  • Each entry must include a separate cover sheet clipped, not stapled, to the top with the following information: Author’s name, Home address, Date of birth, Phone number, Genre of entry (horror, fantasy or science fiction), Category (see above list), Email address (if available). 
  • All entries must include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of materials. If you do not want the material returned, this must be clearly marked on the contact cover sheet. We will not return any manuscript which does not include a stamped return mailer. 
  • Please make sure your name does not appear anywhere on the entry manuscript(s) – only on the contact information sheet clipped to the top. 
  • We DO NOT accept faxed or emailed submissions. 
  • Incomplete entries will not be accepted or returned. 

Send your entries to: 

The Writers Room of Bucks County
1st Annual Horror Writing Contest
4 W. Oakland Avenue
Doylestown, PA 18901

Awards will be presented at The 1st Annual Writers Room Monster Bash on October 22, 2005. You need not be present to win. Winners who do not attend will be notified by mail.

More information will be sent to you upon submitting your entry

The Writers Room of Bucks County
4 W. Oakland Ave.
Doylestown, PA 18901
Fax: 215-348-8137

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