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Correllian Wicca: Lessons For The First DegreeCorrellian Wicca: Lessons For The First Degree
Prepared by Rev. Donald Lewis
Publisher: Witch School (2000)
Pages: 167 – Price: $15.00

Review by Lee Prosser – review

It is refreshing to come across something original, honest, educational, and entertaining in the field of occult reading. Such is the case with Correllian Wicca, and its approach to Witchcraft. In addition to analyzing the Correllian tradition, it gives solid and reliable information on the true historical facts concerning Wicca.

The artwork is superb and gives additional interest to the material being discussed. So much data is given that it requires study and re-reading to absorb the numerous facts.

Topics cover the full range of Wicca. For instance, on page 52 is a color chart, and the reader learns that the color purple is connected with spirituality and psychism. There is a discussion of the chakras which is clear, and logical. Lesson VII discusses the topic of Invocation. A chart of the seven archetypes with cultural correspondences is given. Here is an example: The archetype is Hindu, the hero thereof is Ganesha, the maiden is Durga, the lover is Visnu, the mother is Lakshmi, the king is Brahma, the crone is Kali, and the sorcerer is Shiva. Other key traditions include German, Irish, Greek, Roman, African, and Egyptian.

Lesson IX covers symbols, omens, and divination. Lesson XII covers stones and crystals. The glossary which accompanies each lesson in this book is a powerful storehouse of definitions and information.

In a time when there is an abundance of second-rate Wicca writers and their mediocre books being published like sour popcorn coming out of a broken-down popcorn machine, this book is refreshingly bold, accurate, and full of valuable information and facts. It is something to read and enjoy, and learn from.

Published through Witch School, the reader will also discover much information at the website of Check this site out for the many online courses available for study. These courses are wide-ranging and offer something out of the ordinary.

For further information, the telephone number is + The mailing address is Witch School, 112 West Main Street, Hoopeston, Illinois 60942 USA. 

Highly recommended reading and learning experience. Check this out and see what other available reading materials you may be interested in having for a fine reading journey! 

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