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Witness: Kairi
Location: Colorado
Date of Encounter: November 2007

We were driving home from Brush to Fort Collins, Colorado, and it was starting to get dark, just barely. My mom is totally psychic, she has small stuff like premonitions and things like that every once in a while. It started mostly when she saw two guys standing by a telephone pole, staring at her. And I'll tell you this now, my mom never lies to anyone! And so she was waving at them and then gave up and tried to ignore them. Then we turned the corner and the two phantoms were out of sight.

It was all really freaky, because neither me or my dad could see them. After only a few more minutes of driving, my mom told us that she was seeing more of these phantoms — all over along the side of the road — just minding their own business. We all got a pretty good idea that these people were ghosts of some sort. My mom told us that they were mostly at each intersection we drove through. She said that she was seeing them all the way home, and she got this really sad feeling and started to cry out of fear and unknown sorrow. When we arrived home, she immediately told us she felt a cold chill for no reason, but that the ghost people were no longer visible in the house to her. I myself am slightly psychic, though not even close to as strong as my mom. So the whole time she was seeing phantoms, I could sense them horribly, and it scared me half to death. Was this phantom experience merely the souls of those who died on Thanksgivings before trying to spend it one last time with their families? We'll never really know, I guess.

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