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Witness: Sandra Weierman
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 1979-80

I'm going to tell my most scary encounter, but I will leave out the name of the museum since I have no idea if I could name it without getting into any trouble. I was at this museum with a school field trip. I was bored and lagging behind the rest of my class. As I slowly walked a back hall (that had not been open to visitors previously), I suddenly felt something was wrong. I felt a dark presence behind me at the beginning of the hall. I stopped and just stood there as I felt it slowly get closer. As it did, I felt a creeping cold that went past me and also a darkness that once it was past me, I couldn't see a thing even though I knew my eyes were wide open. I was frozen in place by sheer terror. Even though I was not able to turn and look at this thing, I had the impression that it was a dark-robed figure sort of like the angel of death. Also there were no sounds and then suddenly my teacher was there shaking me, calling my name over and over. It took a few minutes for everything to come back like sounds and my sight. I never told her or anyone about this. I let her believe I had some kind of attack because I was breathing quite fast, and I was pale and shivering. I have no idea if anyone has had this or a similar encounter with this dark entity. I'm hoping not for their sake.

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