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Witness: Megan Riddle
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Encounter: May 2002

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Ghost picture - Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ghost picture - Indianapolis, Indiana.
Face has been covered to protect privacy.

I took some pictures in May of 2002 of my new puppy, Jaidyn. One by herself has an orb, and the one with her sitting on my mother's lap is the one that struck me as odd. I have had experiences in that house: the TV turns on by itself and I would hear whispering voices in the hallway. Jaidyn died Nov. 19, 2002, one month after we moved into another house. It was the full moon, Mourning moon to be exact. I don't know what this would have to do with it, but I always keep going back to these photographs. The last roll of film I had with her on it I had developed after she passed, but the roll came back blank. The rest of the pictures from other rolls in the same batch came out fine. She was a special dog, no doubt.

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