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Witness: Misha
Location: Marietta, Georgia
Date of Encounter: On-going since July 2000

My family and I moved here in July of 2000, we rented a large house and moved in rather quickly. Almost immediately I noticed sensations of someone else's presence. I didn't say anything to my family as I attributed it to being unfamiliar with the home. However, I became more aware of these feeling only in certain areas, such as the stairway leading to the basement, and outside in our yard. The doorway would open for me on it's own before I reached for the knob, windows that had mechanisms to lock them open would suddenly slam shut, lights in our dining room would flicker, when you are downstairs you can hear things moving upstairs, even though no one else is home. I have also seen small blurs of movement out of the corners of my eye, flitting around the same areas of the backyard. By far the most frightening experience occurred last summer, as I finished cleaning upstairs and made my way down the staircase. I was mopping the wooden stairs and I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye outside the window located at the bottom of the stairs. There is a full-length mirror that hangs adjacent to the window giving you a nice view of the backyard. I stopped mopping and really looked out the window and to my amazement I saw a hundred legs, all clothed in blue marching past the window! At first I just stood there trying to convince myself I wasn't seeing them, and they just vanished! Needless to say I ran up the stairs and told my husband and teenage daughter. My daughter informed me that she had been seeing strange things also. I had only sensed one presence, whom I felt was named John, but with the nickname Blackjack. I saw him in a blue civil war period uniform, which I thought was strange because I was under the impression that there were mostly confederates here in this part of GA. I felt that he was lost and confused about why he was still here. My daughter had sensed him, but had seen another male with red hair and piercing eyes that she felt was more aggressive and mean tempered. I tolerated blackjack for a while, and eventually told him he could stay if he went outside where I had first sensed him. He complied and I haven't felt him in the house for quite a while. The other presence is still very tangible.

About a month later, we met with the owner and I sort of brought up the subject about the past history of the home and found out it was built in the 70's, which had nothing to do with what I had seen. I asked him if he knew anything about the history of this area and he stated that across the street, adjacent to our home was the Union hospital! There is a trail that is still faintly visible through the treeline that led directly to the hospital, and apparently where our home sits was some sort of camp. I was astonished, but not knowing him well enough to confide what my daughter and I had experienced, I said nothing. I haven't investigated anything about the hospital or the history of this area.

The second presence is the one that is troubling. I don't understand his intent, he is very different from Blackjack. I don't want to see him and I have forcibly told him to back off on several occasions when I sense him right behind, or in front of me. He will back off a little, but will not leave the house. I have burned levani incense in the house from the church, (we are Greek Orthodox) and I now have salt water in a little dish in the stairway, along with crystals.

Just last night I was up late and my teenage son announced he was going to bed — it was around 11:30 or so. About 20 minutes went by when I heard the stairway door open and someone walking down the hall to the kitchen. I heard some movement in the kitchen, so thinking my son had came back upstairs I went to see what he was doing. I fully expected to see him standing there and was surprised to find nothing!

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