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Supernatural California by Preston DennettSupernatural California
By Preston Dennett
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (February 2006)
Pages: 168 – Price: $24.95

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Preston Dennett has come up with a winner in his latest book, a book sure to please readers everywhere who are interested in the paranormal and the supernatural. It is the type of well-written book that has a wide appeal. The photographs and illustrations add to the clearly-written text, making this book one of the finest in its field covering California’s supernatural connections. With a section on sources and Web sites, this is a fine reference to have on hand for repeated readings.

Essentially, this unusual book is a true and accurate guidebook to the weirdness of California. Directions are provided to all sites discussed.

Following the preface and introduction, the book is arranged into seven parts. Each part contains a chapter on a given topic. The material is fascinating, and here is a sampling of the topics covered: The Santa Cruz mystery spot, the gravity hills of California, the mysterious sliding stones of Death Valley, weird trees, the ruins of Mu, Mount Shasta, the mystery walls of Northern California. Ogams in California, the Oriflamme Mountain ghost lights, giants in the desert, California lake monsters, sea serpents, Bigfoot, Californian Chupacabra, religious apparitions, underground California cities, a great section on ghosts and haunting including hotels, parks, cemeteries, roadways, museums, schools, places, and a section on California ghost tours. 

Part Six covers aspects of psychic California in detail. In addition to discussing the International Academy of Consciousness, other topics include people such as Vivian Grace, Ashley, Brian Hurst, Selacia, and Sylvia Brown.

Those interested in California’s UFO happenings will also find much of interest in this book. Such topics as the UFO sightings in California deserts, Tujunga Canyon, and Topanga Canyon are covered.

One thing that will immediately catch the reader’s attention is the photographs and illustrations. Each one clearly reveals in a visual format what the text is explaining. This is a fine book to share with a friend and to have your local public library order for its reading patrons.

Get your copy today and enjoy a great reading adventure! One item among many to catch the reader’s attention is the section on underground California cities. This book is a fun read, entertaining from beginning to end, and educational!

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