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Over 72 Haunted Locations On The Map — All Drawn from the Extensive Body of Literature on Spooky Occurrences on Cape Cod

Hyannis, MASSACHUSETTS — Authors Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph are delighted to announce the release of a hair-raising navigational chart of haunted locations on America’s most beloved sandy peninsula. This eye-catching, 24” x 18” full color wall map includes not only many of the spooky sites from Gary Joseph’s and Dan Gordon’s Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories, but also several dozen locations drawn from the Cape’s rich tradition of storytelling. 

From Sagamore to the Pochet Island Marshes, Monomoy to Race Point, the map/poster is slithering with stories of sorceresses, wraiths, apparitions, mermaids, ghost ships, spirits of drowned sailors, underwater Native American chiefs, mer-women, phantom oxen tracks, medicine beings, elves, sea serpents, and haunted beaches.

Over the last thirty years, Joseph has amassed perhaps the most extensive library of recorded Cape hauntings known to researchers. Drawing from the rich literature (both books and newspapers) and oral tradition on the paranormal on Cape Cod, Joseph has teamed again with co-author Dan Gordon, who is currently writing Haunted Baseball for Lyons Press, to create the most extensive list of detailed Cape Cod haunting descriptions ever assembled. 

The map also features some of the imagery of these stories and a mystery puzzle leading to buried treasure with a secret message.

You can learn about the mysterious dune howling and luminous forest at bookstores and gift shops across the Cape. Cape Cod Haunted Map can also be purchased online with free shipping from Cockle Cove Press at

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