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Witness: Gayle
Location: Portland, Oregon
Date of Encounter: 2001 to 2003

My husband and I had moved into this house about 4 and a half years ago. Nothing happened right at first until about 6-7 months later. One night my husband came to bed and I had awoke to go the restroom. As I was in there, I heard this man's voice. It sounded like it was coming from the radio, so I went over to check it and the radio was off. I unplugged it anyway, and still could hear the voice. I walked into the hallway thinking it was coming from one our kids' room. I looked in each room to find nothing. Everything was shut off. I looked in the living room at the stereo and TV — they were also off. I went back into the bathroom where the noize seemed to be the loudest, and it was still there. I went back to bed and it finally stopped. My husband also told me that he had heard that same voice many times himself. 

My husband usually got home from work around 11:00 PM, and he would get get on the computer for a little bit before coming to bed. One night around this time I was about 8 months pregnant, and I was sound asleep. He came running in the room and freaking out telling me to call 911. "Someone's trying to break in our home," he said. He was on the computer when he heard a big crash on the side of our house where the garbage cans were. He said it sounded like someone threw the metal garbage can against the fence. He jumped up and then heard footsteps on our porch, he looked toward the door and saw the door handle jiggle back and forth like someone was trying to get in. That's when he woke me up. The police came with search dogs and found nothing. No footprints, or anything. My husband also said that whenever he was on the computer at night, he would hear footsteps in the kitchen and rustling around like one of the kids were up looking in the cupboards for something to eat. When he would go to check, nobody was there. He also said he always felt that he was never alone.

Another time all the kids were in school, and I was doing laundry and my husband was in the living room watching TV. Well, our two oldest kids had shared a room at the time which was right across from our room. They had a kid's door alarm on the outside of it. I was coming out of our room walking toward the living room when the alarm went off. I was no where near it. I looked at my husband and said, "Did one of the kids stay home from school?" (My husband always took them to school in the morning.) He said, "No." Then he got up and that's when we heard rustling around and something fell over. I grabbed our youngest daughter at that time and went outside. We thought someone broke in. I took the keys to the car and grabbed the phone. My husband came outside as well, but decided to open the gate to the back yard to check out the windows to see if someone crawled in. That's when we both saw the blinds slowly go up like someone was peeking out. Then they slowly went down. Of course we called the police and they found nothing again. 

I remember when I would have a friend come over or something, they always said our place had a weird feeling, and a musty smell. We could smell that to, but just thought it was because the place was kind of old. We moved out about 2 years ago, and are much more at peace.

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