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Co-Hosts Gail Porter and Chris Fleming Criss-Cross America, Attempting to Stir Up Celebrity Spooks — Such as Sinatra, Monroe and Jim Morrison.

NEW YORK, NY — America is a land of bright lights and broken dreams. Is it any wonder that a place that inspires such passion, such highs and lows, would also be a place that some souls find difficult to leave, even after death? This June, join the sexiest, wittiest Ghostbusters since Mulder and Scully on a supernatural romp of paranormal proportions with DEAD FAMOUS: GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS, a new weekly first-run series that explores the lives of celebrities and famous personalities…in the afterlife! Each week, co-hosts Gail Porter, a self-confessed skeptic and Chris Porter, a “sensitive” able to detect paranormal events beyond the range of the five senses, will go in search of undead celebrities wherever they may roam. Their mission? To tell the stories of their lives…after their deaths. DEAD FAMOUS: GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS makes its National Premiere on Tuesday, June 28th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT. 

A Haunting They Will Go!

When things go bump in the night, the cynical but curious Porter stuffs her Gucci glasses, pillar box red lipstick, Pucci head scarf and razor sharp wit into a retro vanity case and into the back of her baby pink convertible Cadillac. Along the way, she stops to pick up clairvoyant partner Fleming and, together, they go in search of their ghostly idols! Armed only with intelligence, humor and whatever they can get in the back of the Caddy, the world of ghost busting has never seen anything like this telegenic, telekinetic duo! 

Examining a celebrity’s life after their death by visiting their haunts, DEAD FAMOUS: GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS makes pit stops around the country at the hotel rooms, the diners, the gardens, the film lots and the theatres, where the dead are said to tread. Exploring every nook and cranny in search of otherworldly goings-on and talking to the people who claim to have seen dead celebs — such as Sinatra, Monroe, John Lennon, Morrison, James Dean, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, among others — the telepathic twosome makes sure the dead don’t rest for long!

Upcoming episodes include:

June 28th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT

First stop: Las Vegas — the best place to start the search for the spirit of Ol’ Blue eyes. Fleming spends the night in a hotel suite that was once Sinatra’s favorite and becomes unnerved with a noise five floors up. The next two supernatural stops are at the Thunderbird lodge a beautiful location on Lake Tahoe, where Sinatra reportedly played cards in his heyday and Cal-Neva, a hotel Sinatra owned, where a spooky séance is held.

July 5th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT

Los Angeles was The Doors and The Doors was Los Angeles. Porter and Fleming decide to find out whether the presence of Jim Morrison could still be felt in his old LA haunts. They visit the hotel room where he lived for two years and meet Carla Baron, a world-renowned clairvoyant. From there, they trek to the house where Morrison lived with his girlfriend, and which has remained the same since he died. Their final stop is the Whaley house, one of the most haunted places in America. This was one of the most eventful places for the Dead Famous crew. 

July 12th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT

Porter and Fleming spend the night at the haunted Roosevelt Hotel where Marilyn lived for two years. With reported sightings of Monroe by staff and guests, will Porter and Fleming come across the Blonde Bombshell? A session on psychometry involving Monroe’s possessions induces high emotions in Fleming. And, in an effort to communicate with Monroe, Fleming holds a séance with a group of her fans, which leaves a number of participants shaken.

July 19th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT

Porter and Fleming start their search for spirits of “The Mob” at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd and meet up with parapsychologist, Barry Taff, who had a painful paranormal experience when he went into the basement. They also visit Al Capone’s yacht 
and Alcatraz, home to some of the most violent criminals in America such as Al Capone and the infamous Birdman. 

July 26th at 10pm ET/9pm CT/11pm PT

Porter and Fleming search for the spirit of the first lady of television. From the renowned haunted location of the RMS Queen Mary ship, to the studios where “I Love Lucy” was first made, Porter and Fleming experience many different emotions throughout this episode. It is at the Hotel Del Coronado that Porter has her most astonishing experience of the whole series. It’s a night that she’ll never forget.

Future episodes include investigations on Alfred Hitchcock, Houdini, John Wayne, Joan Crawford, John Lennon, Bette Davis, Buddy Holly, Bonne and Clyde, Jayne Mansfield and Elvis.

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