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Possible FatalPossible Fatal
By Joanie Thurston with Wally Johnston
Publisher: Acorn Endeavors (2004)
Pages: 159 – Price: $13.00

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An amazing true account of Joanie Thurston’s near death experience and what she saw on the other side, this book will captivate its readers with its direct honesty and sensitivity. Thurston was in a automobile accident on May 13, 1997; she fell asleep at the wheel, struck a light pole, and died. This is her story. The title of the book comes from the police accident report, so stamped.

Throughout this well-written nonfiction work is the sense of Thurston’s presence. Before she could share her memories of her dying and what she saw and encountered, she first had to confront a lifetime of painful memories including sexual abuse by her father as a child. Her struggle to recover is a story of how the spirit can survive despite the odds.

Chapter Two concerns Thurston’s journey out of her body, contact with the those in the afterlife, and a return to the living. Chapter Five deals with the aftermath. This is a story of courage, and well worth your reading time.

For more information, you can visit the book’s official Web site: www.possiblefatal.com.

For a reading experience concerning near-death experience, Possible Fatal will find a large reading audience. It is the story of one woman’s encounter with death, and her sharing it with readers. Excellent account.

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