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Witness: Julie Keller and Dave Mackie
Location: Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio
Date of Encounter: September 11, 2004

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Ghost picture - Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio.

Dave and I just did a small ghost hunt — we had checked out some places known to be haunted in Painesville, Ohio. We came across Lake Erie College. It is known that within the College Hall that a girl named Stephanie back in the 1800's had committed suicide by hanging herself in the belfry. It has been so notorious for the haunting that they had to close off the forth floor of the building.

We tried getting to the forth floor, but the doors had been locked from inside the building with chairs placed in front of them. We had climbed the fire escapes only to find out that the outer doors of the building had been boarded shut.

Legend has it that on the first floor is a room known as the Social Parlor. (The doors were also conveniently locked to this room as well.) It is said that there is a mirror in this room that Stephanie uses as a portal to roam around the building. Dave and I were able to peer into this room from outside the building, and we did see the very large mirror. We had done a lot of coxing to the spirit of Stephanie while we were inside College Hall. As we left, Dave decided to take a picture of the outside of the building… and behold what we believe is the apparition of Stephanie peering out at us as we were leaving. She is in the first window closest to the belfry on the forth floor (circled). It seems to us that some of her dress is partially hanging into the window below the window she is in. We are going back in two weeks to do a follow-up investigation. We did venture back today to check out that window one last time before I had to leave for home… there is no explanation for the cause of her figure in the window. With the 4th floor being barren and locked up, there is nothing in the windows.

Also, the date on the photo is definitely wrong, it was taken September 11th 2004, and as you can see on the clock, the time was about 3:25 PM.

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