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Witness: Sharon
Location: Wethersfield, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: April 2010

I live in an older home built in 1922. I have a third floor which is partially finished.

I was taking my winter clothes upstairs and getting my spring clothes out. As I was going up the stairs, a coat hanger came out of nowhere and flew right past me. I still have some experinces every now and then. And up on that third floor, I have a bookshelf and one day I went upstairs and there laying on the floor was my book titled The Ghost.I hear all sorts of weird noises up there. Once I heard scratching on the carpet next to me. I am the only one who ever goes upstairs.

Sometimes clicking from the TV will wake me up. It sounds like someone is taking the remote and is trying to turn the TV on. My dog hightails it out of the bedroom when that happens.

One time, the washing machine top flew open a few minutes into the beginning of the cycle. Weird stuff.

I am alright with this as the home I grew up in was also haunted. I just wanted to share. Oh, I also did a little research and the first homeowner committed suicide on the third floor by hanging herself.

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