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Witness: Nicole
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date of Encounter: 2004

I was about 14 years old when my mom gave me one of her old rosaries from Catholic school to hang in my bedroom. At the time, I was beginning to delve a little deeper into my own personal spirituality. To me, it was a stepping stone towards finding out who I was.

The rosary joined the miscellaneous hangings on my walls including a dream catcher bought at one of the reservations. The dream catcher always gav me a sense of security and comfort, so I thought the addition of the rosary would add to that.

The first night that the rosary hung in my room, something incredible happened! I woke in the middle of night for seemingly no reason. I opened my eyes and my room was pitch black with thousands of tiny little white lights, looking very galaxy like, whizzing all over my room.

I sat up and rubbed my face, assuming that it was just my sleepy eyes that were causing the visuals. When I opened my eyes again, the lights still darted and swarmed every which way. I was so startled I screamed, ran and jumped into my parents bed. In between sobs, I told them what I had seen.

My mom quickly went into my room to see if she could witness the lights but she had no such luck. I was so afraid to reenter my room that I ended up sleeping in bed with them.

The next morning my mom and I theorized about the event. One of the more comforting ideas was that the rosary had triggered some kind of spiritual "cleansing" of my room and that it was actually a safer place to be now. I was not raised in a very religious household, and still to this day I am not dedicated to any particular religion or belief nor have I ever been to church. Yet, witnessing such spiritual phenomenon firsthand really sparked a belief in me. I have had the rosary hanging in my room ever since.

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