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Spooky Creepy Baltimore County by D. P. RoseberrySpooky Creepy Baltimore County
By D. P. Roseberry
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (May 2009)
Pages: 160 – Price: $14.99 review

Those who have read D. P. Roseberry’s books are in for a delight with her latest spooky look at a very special, creepy place called Maryland’s Baltimore County. This look at Baltimore County also includes the areas of Reisterstown, Perry Hall, Parkville, Towson, Garison, and Owings Mills.

Covered are the demons in a macabre attic located within a Harford Road residence! As to shadow figures, meet the shadow people in Perry Hall and you will have a new respect for them. Chapter Seven, “Witchy Woman,” will fascinate the reader with a look at a happening they will not soon forget!

D. P. Roseberry is a writer who knows Maryland background and writes about it with a sharp eye for ghostly details, and the stories in that area. Roseberry writes with charm and interest, and shares her findings with the readers in well-written prose.

Roseberry is a ghost investigator for the Chester County Paranormal Research Society in Pennsylvania. Her insightful investigations into hauntings makes for good entertainment in this enjoyable book about Baltimore County, Maryland.

This is a book you will enjoy reading. It has focus and depth, and when you finish reading it, you will know about the macabre things found in spooky creepy Baltimore County! A good read!

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