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Witness: Joan
Location: Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: September 1999

This is the story of my experience with the shadow on the wall. This encounter took place at what was my then my work place. I'm not sure if it is my imagination or not, but what I saw made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and shook me up a bit.

I had just used the washroom and was at the sink washing my hands. At the time I was the only person in there. The layout is such that when you are facing the row of three sinks there was a white wall behind you. In front of you, each sink had a mirror above it. There were two paper towel holders in the spaces between the mirrors. The room had overhead fluorescent lighting which were in proper working order. There were two doors to enter through. The first brought you into the sink area the second in to the toilet stall area. The building was a factory setting, so there was considerable noise when the outer door was opened. The inner door squeaked when opened and nobody opened either door. One would have heard it if they had.

I had finished washing my hands and looked up to get some paper towel from one of the holders when in the mirror I saw a shadow move behind me on the wall. It moved about as fast as a person would walk and was of average height for a person. I turned to see what if anything was there. Remember that the lighting is overhead, so it was not my shadow, and nobody else had entered the room. It was as if it came in from the factory, walked through the sink area, and went right into the toilet stall area without opening the doors. I didn't even wait to dry my hands, I just left as quickly as I could. Up until the time I left the company I would not go into the washroom by myself. The factory had been there for about 20 years. To my knowledge, there was never a fatal accident in the factory that would cause a spirit of some sort or any accident on the property or in the area.

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