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The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: Jessica Y.
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Date of Encounter: December 27, 2014

Okay so… I was sitting on my couch relaxing after a long day of kids and running around, my husband was at work, so it was just me and our 2 month old daughter. I had the TV volume so low I could barely hear it, and the house was shut down, and the only light was coming from the TV.

Well, my daughter’s brand-new night-light/projector/music box (which has an auto-play feature that switches it on when the baby cries) randomly started playing out of nowhere. I got up, turned it off, and as I sat down it started playing again. So I got up and shut it off again and sat back down. About 20 minutes later its started playing again. So I got up and pulled the A/C cord out of the box. It took a minute, but it slowly faded, which was odd as the projector was not made to do that.

Things seemed to be fine until my husband got home at 11 pm. When I went to the door to greet him I saw these two small red lights in the trees across the street. I live across the street from a hospital, I’ve encountered many random spirits just passing through, but I’ve seen this before ten or eleven years ago. Is it possible that they could be following me? Please help.

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  1. There is a child, a little girl, who is lonely, missing her mother. She aches to be held like you hold your daughter. She wants nuturing. You exude that. I sense she and her mother got sick some time ago, turn of the century by the look of her clothes and “feeling” I get. An epidemic, plague sort of thing. Her mother passed before she did and she was too young to understand why she went away. I get the name ‘Leslie’. Dirty blonde ringlets of hair. Sucks her thumb. Maybe about 2 years old. Feel free to talk to her, soothe her with your voice. Tell her to pay attention to the lights. There’s nothing to be afraid of by them. Red seems odd to me but I get the word, “attention” behind their meaning. Nothing menacing. No one has told her that paying attention to the lights will reunite her with her mom. She just knows this was where she last saw her. Explain to her that her mom is waiting and not to be afraid of heading toward the lights. Cliched I know but it’s what I feel. Keep paying attention to those odd things like the music box. And when they happen tell Leslie it’s alright. Find the light and find her mom. She’s very curious about the music box. I also get the name Anita or something close to that.

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