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Ouija Board by Frank Grace
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Witness: Jass Fogle
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Encounter: June 1, 1985

A girlfriend and I were just about to do a session on her Ouija board when a male friend stopped by to visit. He at first had no interest, giving all sorts of excuses, but he mainly didn’t believe that it worked. We coaxed him into joining us, letting him know that his hands would be below ours, so in that way he could tell if we were in any way faking it. He finally agreed. He took off his baseball cap and set it at the end of the sofa’s arm. He took off his tennis shoes and placed them at the end of the sofa on the floor. He then sat down on the floor with us and the board was placed on top of our knees. We let him ask the questions and one of his questions that he asked was that he wanted proof that ghosts were real. The board spelled out “Okay.” After only a few more questions, he freaked out due to its accuracy. He was ready to leave and turned to grab his hat… but it was gone. He turned around to put on his shoes, but they too were gone.

I was facing the doorway into the living room where we sat and could clearly see if anyone had entered. To enter her apartment, a person had to go through two doorways, and the floors were wooden and also creaked when walking on the floorboards.

He knew neither of us had touched his hat and shoes and started searching the living room with no luck. The search continued until we heard my girlfriend’s dog barking. We followed her to the kitchen, which was in the back of the house, and stepped with her out onto the deck. It was still daylight, and there in the yard, we could clearly see that the dog was standing over his shoes and hat!

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