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Witness: Mary
Location: Hopkins Minnesota and Joshua, Texas
Date of Encounter: November 1994 – October 2003

I was born a natural intuitive and empathic. In October 1994, my husband and I had moved into a two bedroom apartment in a suburb outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. A month after we had moved in, I had my first encounter with a spirit.

I was vacuuming the apartment and had unplugged it with the intention of moving the vacuum to another outlet. The phone rang and I went to answer it, dropping the cord on the floor. Upon hanging up, I went to finish the vacuuming and the vacuum started up by itself! The cord was on the floor and the vacuum was brand new. I was so frightened that I ran and hid under the bed and would not come out. My husband had to coax me out.

That was just the beginning of my encounters with the spirit. My husband and I researched the property surrounding our apartment complex and learned that it had just been a swamp. A dear friend who is psychic confirmed my suspicions that in the storeroom next-door was a "Way Station" for spirits on the way to their final destination, wherever that may be.

Another experience I had happened one day after I had come home from work and found a dark brown sticky substance on the bedroom floor. Another time there appeared to be a blood stain in the same spot.

Two years ago, I had brought home a spirit with me from Ireland that was quite a flirt! He was actually helpful and did the dishes for me a time or two. He'd had silver hair and blue eyes. He also smelled of a wonderful cologne that I have yet to identify to this day. But the most annoying spirit was a red-headed boy prankster that delighted in hiding my keys. I'd be rushing to get to work on time and it took great joy in hiding my keys in the freezer and the sofa.

In June 2002, my husband had a job transfer and we moved back to my native state of Texas. Three days after moving into our house, I caught a dark gray shadow spirit in my peripheral vision. I didn't sense that it was unkind, just watchful.

My sense proved correct and it is rather fond of me. He keeps an eye on me and my pets and at first did not like my husband. My husband had been making a sandwich near the kitchen sink when the light bulb above the sink shattered, nearly hitting my husband. After telling the spirit in no uncertain terms, that behavior was un acceptable, it stopped. He still likes to tease my husband from time to time by throwing his business ties on the closet floor. My dear psychic friend told me that he was in his 40's when he took his own life. He had been an effeminate male who took his life in the 1940s by hanging himself because of the cruel way people had treated him. We call him "Jeffrey."

Since moving to Joshua, we have acquired another male spirit that had followed me home from church. He'd been a former deacon and really took a fancy to me. He's very gentle and enjoys feeding our cats. We've named him "Francis" or "Frank."

As long as these spirits remain kind, they are more than welcome to stay.

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