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Witness: Guadi
Location: Indiana
Date of Encounter: October 12, 2003

First off, let me just say that I am pretty open-minded and after reading this, I hope someone could give me some feed back. Me and my fiancée just bought a house at the end of March. We moved in around the first of April. I can't exactly remember the date we moved in. Everything has been fine in the house. I was happy, I just moved out of my parents house (once again), and got my life back in order.

Our insurance company told us we will have to replace the roof on our house by October, so my fiancée and I agreed — it was a reasonable amount of time. Needless to say, we are the biggest procrastinators you will ever meet, we finally get started working on the roof in September.

We decide to sleep in my fiancée's son's room while working on the roof, since our bedroom is upstairs and it's too cold to sleep up there right now. At around 3 A.M. I woke up to hear our dryer in the basement start running. I sent my fiancée to shut it off. After about an hour of lying and staring at the wall, I started to doze off, then one my fiancée's son's walkie-talkies turned itself on. All we could here was static from the walkie-talkie. I'm at the point of throwing the biggest hissy-fit that a 21 year old female is going to throw — I was irritated and scared. But I was more irritated than anything else because me and fiancée are trying to sleep because we both have to work the next day and there is some entity toying with us — how rude! They don't pay the bills around here, so they should go away and leave us alone.

Here is another thing that happened to me: my fiancée is up on the roof trying to put plastic down before it rains, and I go upstairs to the bedroom to grab some old pair of pants so I could help him. As soon as I get up the stairs I saw that the attic door was wide open. I don't know how it got open, but I hope it doesn't open again. I closed it and went about my business hoping that neither of my two cats went in there, because I wasn't going to open it again. Thankfully they weren't in there.

If there is an entity or entities in this house, we must have stirred them up while we started to do the roofing. If anybody has any suggestions on how to get rid of them or what-not, please e-mail me, I would hate to move from a house that I just bought and grown attached to.

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