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Witness: Brian Peck
Location: Cave Run Lake, East Kentucky
Date of Encounter: March 2000

One night after a fraternity formal, a frat brother and I decided to go do a little fishing at the Cave Run Lake (Rowan County/Bath County Kentucky) spillway. It was a warm evening, with virtually no clouds in the sky. After fishing for a couple of hours, I looked towards the spillway and saw that there was a light focused on it. Thinking we were alone here, I began looking around for the source of the light, but found none. When I looked back at the light it was beginning to spread out, sort of like a mag light, but not losing any intensity. After roughly 30 seconds, the light encompassed the whole of the spillway, the light was so bright that even from 200 feet away, we were literally able to see the water coming out. This lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but in actuality probably 60 seconds from the beginning to the end. A few minutes after the light on the spillway, I noticed someone carrying a lantern on the hill above us. We watched them walk toward the sidewalk leading to the path over the spillway. When it reached the little maintenance shack (for lack of better word) at the spillway, it disappeared. We thought that this person was probably the source of the light that we had seen and was probably just doing some checking of gauges or something. But, things didn't add up — especially since we could not see where the source of the light came from. Mustering all the courage that I could, I decided to walk up the hill to confront whomever when I saw him leave the shack. I timed it so that he should pass right in front of me when I topped the hill, but when I got to the top, there was no one… and I mean no one there. No one up or down the sidewalk from me, no additional cars in the parking lot, nor anywhere around.

Since then, I have talked to others about this experience and while no one knows what the origin may have been, many people have drowned there, and several of the people that I have spoken with about this have experienced some sort of "odd" encounters.

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