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Witness: Braelinn
Location: Dahlonega, Georgia
Date of Encounter: July 27 and 28, 2003

I was at the camp I had been going to for the past four years. I had heard many stories over the years, but never encountered anything as I had heard many others have. There was this story about a shadowy figure that haunted the rafters of an old recreation hall there. So me and my group decided to take a group picture up in the rafters just for kicks. Well, one freaky thing is that there is no electricity in that building and in the picture that we took the lights are on! Then when we got down there were sounds of something running in the rafters, so we started singing "Jesus Loves Me" and the noises got louder and then suddenly they stopped. The next night a lot of groups all slept in the Holland building (which is just an old building for sports and stuff), my cabin mates and I were all sleeping in a star-like formation and after everyone had turned the lights out and laid down for the night, that is when it all took place.

The only thing that lit up the room were EXIT signs — all of a sudden something frantically ran by us — the floor was carpet so we knew it had to be inside judging by the sound and how close it was to us. I had kind of been jinxing people all week (like I would think something and it would happen) — so I told my friend that I thought about me opening my eyes and someone would be standing in front of me. The next thing I knew, Katlyn, on the other side of me, screamed and was so terrified she automatically went into tears. When we asked her what was wrong she said she had just opened her eyes and a shadowy gray figure was standing right in front of her at the end of her sleeping bag. Then this big noise occurred right beside us (it sounded kind of like a crackling of some sort)! My counselor said she woke up and saw the same figure sitting in a chair near her… then I felt like a presence was in my sleeping bad with me — like there was pressure on my body and something was playing with my toes — it's unexplainable, but we think we pissed "rafter man" off by taking our picture where he lives… freaky right? Not to mention this all happened at a Christian camp.

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