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Witness: Rana Rassouli
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Date of Encounter: October 31, 2004

It was on Halloween when me and a couple of my friends were having a party at my house. I live in an old neighborhood with an old hospital that got burnt down by a fire. On that night my parents were out and me and my friends decided to order pizza and scare the heck out of our sisters. We called them out to my yard and we put up the tents and we took some snacks out with us. My friends were all sleeping over so we decided to take out time. I'm interested in spell books, calling up ghosts, etc.

I have this one book, it's velvet red and it's called The Good Spell Book, I got that out just to pretend we were actually doing something to protect us from the ghost — which was pretty fun because my friends were almost peeing themselves from laughter. So there were eight of us, my best friend, me, my sister, my best friend's sister, and four of my friends. When I actually started doing some of the spells for example, say these words and put a flower on a candle, etc. It started getting chilly outside, so we decided to do it in the living room. I didn't think those spells were for real because my grandmother bought that book for me. I actually was making fun of them and saying the wrong words…. that was a bad use of the book! When we were all laughing and throwing the book around, it went freezing in the room and the window started to move. It was opening, and I felt something touch my shoulder and grab it really hard. I screamed at the top of my lungs and we all ran out of the room.

I called my mum to come home, and she didn't believe one bit of it. What I learned from this was never ever ever make fun of spells. 

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