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Witness: Jake
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: March 2003

This is the one time that I actually saw a ghost. My grandmother was a medium and my family is always having things happen to them. I have had strange things happen, but I have never seen a ghost. Little did I know that was all about to change.

I live in a two bedroom apartment with my mom and brother. One room is mine and the other my mom's. My brother likes sleeping in the living room (I don't know why). One night he had to get up for work when I didn't so I said he could sleep in my room. I stayed up watching TV and tried to crash in the living room but I did not feel comfortable, so I went and crashed in my mom's bed. My mom is pretty small, so she doesn't take up a lot of room in the queen-size bed. I slowly fell asleep.

The position of the bad was this: entering the room, the head board is against the left-side. To get around to the door, my mom would have to walk around the bottom of the bed, on the right wall, then past me and out the door. Well, I was falling asleep and for some reason I started thinking about shadow people, and what it would be like to actually see one walking in front of me right then. I do not know why I was doing that! I started to doze off and I felt a cold feeling on my left knee — seeing as I was laying on my right side I thought it was not covered by my blanket. So I felt it and it was under my blanket, but my knee itself was cold — like the inside of my knee was cold. I thought of people feeling cold spots when in a haunted place. Well it went away, and I finally fell asleep. 

Later, I was poked in the back and turned to tell my mom to quit moving, but she was nowhere near me! I dozed off again and while in a semi-conscious dream, I was awakened, but in a very strange way. It felt like I was awakened by a vibration that slowly grew in intensity until I actually popped into reality. It felt like the bed was being shook, but at such a high rate that no persons hand could match this speed. I was awake but still crusty-eyed and a little in and out. I flipped to my back and in doing so noticed that my mom was sitting at the end of the bed, because I could feel the weight of her. She gets up to use the bathroom at night and I flopped onto my right side again, content with this reasoning. Just then, something in my head said, look and see if mom is still in bed. So I swung my head fast all the way left and saw my mom curled up, back facing me, hugging a pillow fast asleep! I thought If mom is right there, then who the hell is that! As I looked at the end of the bed, I was hoping it would be gone, but it wasn't. There, sitting on the end of the bed looking straight at me, was a woman. I couldn't see any face, just darkness outlined by white light. Not glowing, but defining white light. It was a white figure (I could make out hair and a female form) that I was actually seeing with my eyes! And I could tell she was seeing me with her's. The thought of this scared me to no end. Not that I could see it, but that this being was looking at me and had thoughts about what it sees. I was freaked! I always said if I saw a ghost I would play it cool, but I flipped. I started yelling like a 6 year-old girl! I grabbed my pillow, held it in front of me to block my view, and smacked my mom with my left arm saying, "Can you see her? Can you see her?" My poor mom, what a way to be woken up! Interestingly, while I was holding up the pillow I was moving, so the pillow was swaying around and I would still see the form while I was freaking out. That, I found to be quite substantial because at that point I was very much awake, and it was still there! plain as day. So I ended up hiding my face until my mom asked what I was talking about, I said, "Is it still there?" And she said, "No." I put the pillow down, took a huge breath, and sighed.

Then I started to explain what happened. Now that I reflect, she looked a lot like my Grandmother. My heart was beating so fast let me tell you!

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