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The REAL DEAL presents the 2007 South Coast Paranormal Convention on July 20-21, 2007 at the very haunted Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, California.

SPEAKERS: Unknown Magazine Founder, Psychic Sensitive and T.V. Personality, Chris Fleming, will be speaking on the Paranormal

Ghost Stalker, Richard Senate, will be speaking on House Memories and Retrocognition

CAIPRS Founder, Derek Bartlett, will be speaking on the Dangers of Dealing with the Paranormal

CAIPRS Member and psychic sensitive, Tom Durant, will be speaking on Shadow People

PRI Member, Guy Jackson, will be speaking on Paranormal Sound Phenomenon (PSP)

Empathic sensitive, Chad J. Saunders, will be speaking on Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities: Empathic vs. Telepathic

SPECIAL GUESTS: Darkness Radio – Every weekend join hosts David Schrader and Tim Dennis as they lead you on a journey into the world of unexplained phenomena with their weekly program; The Darkness On The Edge of Town.

Based in the Minnesota but streaming their show all over the world they cover every aspect of the paranormal; from ghosts to UFO activity and more. Each week they speak with experts in every field to bring you the latest and most up to date stories and dig deeper into classic and familiar tales and urban legends.

ADMISSION: Please see website for our package deals.
* $10 off Downloadable Coupons Available online (Not valid with Pre-Buy)*
* Raffles
* Goodie bags for the first 200 people.

FEATURED EVENTS: All-Night Paranormal Investigation of the The Glen Tavern Inn: An all access investigation of the very haunted Glen Tavern Inn. Rumored the most haunted structure in Ventura County, the Tudor-style hotel was built in 1911. A number of guests have reported odd manifestations in their rooms late at night, and at least 75% of the hotel staff has encountered one of the several phantoms that wander the inn. Perhaps the most well-known Glen Tavern Inn ghost tale, a crooked card dealer was shot to death in the 1920s during one of the infamous 3rd floor poker games, and haunts the hallways to this day.

Walking Tour of the Glen Tavern Inn: Learn the rich and controversial history of the Inn that is the backbone of why it is considered one of the most Haunted buildings in California.

Take a guided tour through the Inn. Find out who from Hollywood’s elite stayed there, some who haven’t left yet.

Intro to Tarot Workshop – Learn tarot basics and the fundamentals of a reading.

Séance in Room 104: With many divination techniques including, scrying mirror, pendulum, channeling, table tipping and tarot cards, The Real Deal Psychic Team will try and contact “Rose”, the woman-of-the-night, whom is said to haunt Room 104.

Screening of CONJURE:. From the mind of acclaimed writer and world-renowned illustrator, Matt Busch, comes his first independent movie, Conjure. Written, directed, and produced by Busch, Conjure is a unique supernatural thriller, guaranteed to run chills down your spine. Busch and model, Sarah Wilkinson, play themselves in this haunting tale of ghostly terror and manifestation of the darkest kind…

Screening of The Olivas Adobe Documentary: Richard Senate will be screening his documentary on the haunted Olivas Adobe in Ventura, California. Over the years there have been many sightings of ghosts at the historic Olivas Adobe, including a woman in a white dress walking through the rose gardens.

For additional information contact:
Heather Woodward
The Real Deal

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