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Witness: Barry
Location: Liverpool, England
Date of Encounter: May 2006

My wife and I were awoken in the early hours of the morning by the piano being played in the music room below our bedroom. I got up to bawl out whichever child was making the racket. Downstairs the room door was shut, piano still tinkling away. I opened the door expecting to find either a badly taught child or a very well taught cat walking over the keyboard, but the room was dark and the lid on the piano closed. The music had ceased just prior to my opening the door.

A few nights later I thought I saw (no more than that) an elderly lady in Victorian dress walk across the first floor landing.

Two days later my 9-year-old daughter asked my wife who the old lady was who tucked her in bed the previous night.

It's been quiet since then, but on researching my property, built in 1822, I found it was owned in the mid 1800s by an elderly spinster. Perhaps it was her shade that visited.

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