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Soul Sex: Tantra for TwoSoul Sex: Tantra for Two
By Pala Copeland & Al Link
Publisher: New Page Books (March 2003)
Pages: 285 – Price: $19.99 review

As a reviewer of the paranormal and occult, I was not sure what I was getting into when I started reading this book. By the time I had finished reading, I must confess I was delighted with the authors’ approach to one of the great Hindu traditions. It is written for a wide audience and is illustrated with photographs.

Essentially, Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates as weaving. A spiritual belief system, the Tantra way includes numerous schools which concentrate on aspects of sound, breath control, ritual, prayer, meditation, among other techniques. Some may also incorporate sexual activity as a form of spiritual awakening. Sex and spirit are interwoven to achieve enlightenment between man and woman.

There are 13 chapters in this book. Chapter 5 focuses on mastery and surrender in the art of love, and it is educational reading that deserves a large readership. Each chapter is helpful.

Other topics covered include ejaculation mastery and male multiple orgasm, freeing the female orgasm, planning and ritual in sacred loving, healing touch, and massage. Appendix A is a detailed listing of references and resources covering useful books, music, videos, and internet resources. Appendix B contains a list of exercises.

Chapter notes are included. The index is arranged in a helpful manner for quick reference. 

Some of the photos and illustrations are explicit, but presented in good taste. They are there to accompany the text to make for helpful illustration of the information at hand. This book, with its honesty and spiritual approach, should find many readers.

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