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Witness: Colette
Location: AuGres, Michigan
Date of Encounter: September 2, 2006

I was up staying with my parents Labor Day weekend at their home in AuGres, Michigan. Because I had the best friend of my 5 year old daughter staying with us, I slept not in the bedroom that they were sleeping in, but in the guest bedroom across the hall. Getting the bedroom ready for my what I had hoped to be a restful night's sleep, I realized that I needed a fan for noise. I found a fan and turned it in a direction where I could not feel the air because if it blows on me whatsoever, it keeps me awake. I put the fan on the floor about a foot away from the right side of the bed which was on the opposite side of the room as the door. I faced it outward toward the door making sure that the air would not be blowing on me. About two hours after falling asleep, I was somewhat awakened by small breezes. I kept falling in and out of sleep with each breeze waking me up just a little more. As I was making my decision to get up out of bed and turn the fan away (which I realized afterward that it wasn't the air from the fan I was feeling) I had felt someone sit on the right corner of the bed next to the fan. My heart started to race. I wasn't asleep, I was making decisions. I didn't open my eyes at first knowing that if anyone were to come into the bedroom, they would sit on the left side of the bed which is closest to the door. It took me a minute to get up the courage. I opened my eyes to feel the weight of the bed release and then I saw the fan falling over on to the floor. I feel whatever was in that bedroom was a little angry by the fact that I wouldn't open my eyes at first and he or she knocked over the fan to reassure me that what I felt was real.

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