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Calls to Mystic Alice by Alice Rose MorganCalls to Mystic Alice
By Alice Rose Morgan
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (August 2006)
Pages: 227 – Price: $12.95 review

For those who enjoy a good read in the area of psychic phenomena and spirit communication, they are in for a fine ride with Calls to Mystic Alice. It is a wonderful book about spooks, and how Alice and her guides answer life’s biggest questions.

To quote Alice Rose Morgan: “Earth is a wonderful asylum.” Morgan asks each of us to consider life on earth “the same as winning a scholarship to the greatest university in the world.” In her over seventy years on earth, Alice shares what she has learned in a most engaging manner. The book is well-written and entertaining. As a guide to working with your personal spooks, it makes for delightful reading!

What you will learn in this fine book includes:
1) Meet your own special spooks and learn how to communicate with them.
2) Learn to develop your own innate psychic abilities.
3) Find the true love of your life.
4) Learn to understand and accept death as a natural transition, and learn to understand there is nothing to fear about death.
5) Explore how karma and free will affects you personally.
6) Learn to overcome fears and phobias.
7) Learn how to solve problems in your sleep.
8) Learn how to decode your dreams.
9) Learn how to identify your soul’s true purpose in this life.

These twelve chapters are eye-openers and will hold readers spellbound with their straight-ahead, no nonsense approach. Each chapter covers many ideas, topics, and situations.

For a reading experience you will long remember, Calls to Mystic Alice will provide hours of enjoyable reading. 

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