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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Kellogg, Idaho
Date of Encounter: February 10, 2004

About four years ago, I was living in Kellogg with my mom and sister. We had dozens of cats, nearly twenty-one, but one of them, Socks, named because of the white on his feet, died from some sort of disease. A few days after he died and was buried, we heard cat meows. It was night-time and storming. We counted up all the cats and they were all accounted for, so we decided to check the grave, just in case Socks wasn't dead. We had to use Christmas lights to see because our stairway didn't have a light switch. My mom went down the stairs to dig up the grave and, when she did, she discovered it was empty. Now, what puzzled us was how a dead cat could have possibly clawed his way out of a grave, put it back perfectly, then hide away somewhere. Anyways, we heard the meowing again and, deciding that we should check the basement, since it sounded like the meows came from there. We got out the Christmas lights and went down to the basement, where the "dead" cat Socks was sitting in a chair. I don't think this was my first encounter with the paranormal at that house either, because frequently, there would be pounding above my room, but above my room was the attic, and no one in my family had a reason to be up there anyways.

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