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Witness: Marcy
Location: Billings, Montana
Date of Encounter: Summer of 1974

I was about 14-years-old and was sleeping over at my friend's house. I had stayed there a couple of times before but nothing out of the ordinary had happened. The last time I stayed there we had watched TV (nothing scary, her mom didn't allow it) and went to bed at around 10:00 PM. It was a fairly small house, so my friend and I shared her bed. I don't know how long I had been asleep, but I woke up to the sound of the closet door opening, which was on my side of the bed. I looked but didn't see anything or anyone, so I got up and closed the door. When I got back into bed I kept watching and the door opened again! I was getting very scared by this time so I stayed where I was, looking at the closet, afraid to close my eyes. I then felt my side of the bed go down, as if someone had sat on it. I was looking right at the bed and there was no one there! Then I felt the covers being pulled down at the foot of the bed. All this time my friend lay right beside me, sound asleep. I was holding tightly to the covers when my friend sat straight up in bed, looked to the foot of the bed and in a matter of fact tone said, "Just leave us alone!" and laid back down and went to sleep. Everything stopped.

About one minute later her mom came into the room and asked if everything was okay. I told her I wanted to go home and she didn't even ask me why. When my mom arrived to pick me up, my friend's mom simply said, "They usually only stay over once. Marcy almost made it three times." My mom asked me what she meant but I refused to talk about it, afraid that whoever was in their house would follow me home. I have had a few mild encounters since but nothing as terrifying as that night.

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