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Gems From The Equinox: Instructions By Aleister Crowley For His Own Magical Order selected by Israel RegardieGems From The Equinox: Instructions By Aleister Crowley For His Own Magical Order
By Aleister Crowley selected by Israel Regardie
Publisher: Weiser Books (November 2007)
Pages: 1134 – Price: $49.95 review

The re-publication of Gems from the Equinox is an enjoyable treat for those readers who find Aleister Crowley’s writings an interesting reading experience. If you want to understand what Aleister Crowley set down as his principles for his own magickal order, this book is of invaluable and enduring reference value for all who own it. Everything of permanent importance you would want to know Aleister Crowley said in regard to his order is here. This book comes to life with the spirit of Aleister Crowley, and his presence is felt throughout the reading.

This is a massive, thick, one-volume book. The contents are immense. The instructions are as Aleister Crowley planned, and sought to share with those who dared follow his guidance. There are many sections to this book. Information given covers Aleister Crowley’s order, the law for the New Aeon, lucid texts on yoga, the magickal rituals, basic rituals, methods of consecration, invocation of the elements, invocation of the elementals, the Mass of the Phoenix and the Gnostic Mass, Vision and the Voice, sex magick, Aleister Crowley’s commentary on Blavatsky’s The Voice of Silence, an in-depth collection of comments on becoming a Master of the Temple, and other topics.

Liber O and discussion of the rituals of the Hexagram are explained. Vel Armorvm and Vel Helios are discussed. The Gnostic Mass is detailed. The Cry of the 26th Aethyr which is called Des is revealed and shared with the readers. Liber A’Ash is covered along with Liber Dtellae Rubeae, Liber Collegii Sancti is explained. The various important oaths are revealed, and explained. A section of reviews is included.

This is an amazing collection of writings complete within one volume. Ceremonial magick, mysticism, yoga, Enochian magick, meditations — it is all here, placed before the reader for personal analysis and personal use. If you are interested in the paranormal and the supernatural, or if you are interested in Thelema, the Golden Dawn, mysticism, comparative religion, and other topics, this is a fine reference book to have in your home library.

This is a guide through the maze, so to speak, allowing the reader and student to progress at his or her own speed. It is a book which will surprise you in many, many ways. Highly recommended. If you are interested in ancient wisdom and magick, it is found in this book.

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